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The hair pre-filter is also known as hair collector, It mainly used for water treatment works (raw water treatment, water treatment, swimming pool circulating water, landscape water treatment, water park, factory farming, rainwater recycling, etc.), built-in stainless steel basket, effectively blocking the different sizes of debris, removal of hair, fibrous material and granular chunks of debris in order to fully protect the normal continuous operation of water treatment facilities.

Big filtration area, low resistance, high filtration efficiency, easy to clean, its necessary pretreatment device for water treatment.


  • 304 stainless Steel, built-in stainless steel filter basket, high strength and corrosion resistance
  • The top of the structure, open fast, easy to clean
  • GB flange connection, easy installation
  • Vent means provided at the bottom.
  • The standard filter pore size.




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